Welcome to Waqcky’s World!!!!!!



Gather round children and I shall tell ye the tale of how I was introduced to this crazy world of K-pop. I go by the name of Waqas and pretty much fell into this by accident. My cousin send me a video of a bunch of old men dancing to this totally crazy song (you’re gonna have to guess the song :P). While it was extremely funny the song just stayed in my head for days and it drove me crazy trying to find the song and thus I was thrust into a world of killer hooks, awesome styling and perfectly choreographed/synced dancing, it’s like the 90’s but waaaaay more awesome.  Being two years into this rollercoaster ride I have built a repertoire of songs and dances that you can catch my doing randomly when I think no one’s watching. It’s gone from listening to that one song to waiting for comebacks, watching an insane amount of k-dramas/variety shows and being overly attached to certain band members (but who seriously hasn’t thought of kidnapping an idol or two :P)

This Love – Shinhwa

YES!!!! The fifth spot goes to the formidable Shinhwa. Now, don’t get me started on how much I love this song/music video. The song is awesomeness in a jar, from the simplistic start we hear the beat which then thunders into the euro dance pop chorus seriously bring shivers down my spine, there’s a reason these guys have been doing this long people. Now for the music video, DID YOU SEE THOSE SUITS, literally I was so impressed with the styling in this video, the prints on those suits really helped visually. I find that in most male idol music videos it’s hard to stand out since men really have one option which is a suit. But they pulled it out looking FLYY!!!!!!, I’m not gonna lie, when I saw Eric and Minwoo I was having strange thoughts ;). As well as the styling the choreography was on point, VOGUEING SERIOUSLY!! Shinhwa are probably the only group to ever pull this off, when I saw the dance it was like the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in my life.

Fantastic Baby – BIGBANG

Number four goes to BIGBANG with Fantastic Baby, I chose this song because it’s soo unorthodox, you don’t really expect it and it has a killer beat, this song is definitely a staple on my iPod. I have to say though the most wonderful thing about this song is the video. The colours, style choices, everything, it’s what I like to call Avant  k-pop, it’s like a futuristic wasteland. As well as this I have to say T.O.P makes this song for me, I LOVE his rap, his clothes and especially his hair. I think the best word to describe this video for me is SWAGGERIFIC. I definitely think this song is one of the best BIGBANG songs along with monster, the whole concept is, in my opinion epic. BOOM SHAKALAKA 😛

Hands of the Clock – Shinyoo

Number three is probably surprising to most people is actually a trot song, if anyone also follows the k-pop billboard chart this song has been on there for so long. Shinyoo, hands of the clock has come in at third place. Now I know that trot isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this song has such an addictive melody that you can’t help but sing along to hit whenever you hear it. It’s too much fun. Now I’ve never actually seen a music video for this song but I can only imagine if one were made it would look like a video from the 80’s so probably best to leave it. I definitely think everyone needs at least one trot song to love and this is mine (although I do have a couple more sneaking on my iPod).

G Dragon – That XX

Numer two is the one, the only, G DRAGON, that xx. Simple beauty is all I have to say about this song. Although crayon was an amazing song, it just didn’t do for me what That xx did. The song was just a G Dragon and a guitar, the video was so edgy and indie, and the visuals were stunning. I kinda wish he was singing the song to me (Back off people, I’m ready to fight for him lol). But in all seriousness this was an amazing song with an amazing video, G Dragon really shows off his versatility and vulnerability seriously GD, take a bow. Also I recommend watching his live performance with Jung SungHa, it was RATCHET!!!

SNSD – Gee

Now I know your all anxiously waiting for number one, wait no longer, this top song was the one that started it all for me. I’m still not tired of it and whenever it comes on I can’t help but sing and dance along to it. And the number one is….(drum roll please)….GEE GEE GEE GEE BABY BABY, yes Gee by Girls Generation was the first song I listened to and I can never get it out of my head. This song is just too good, I’m calling hacks on this songm seriously. Now if you only realised how amazing this song is (9 consecutive wins on music bank amazing) , whenever I hear a hook song I always compare it to this, because it’s like the ultimate hook song. Also the styling in this video was just simple chic, although I prefer the clothes in the Japanese  video, this is the original and it was simple and young.  OBVIOUSLY the choreography was on point, from the crab dance to the GEE GEE GEE GEE GEEEEEEE. I have nothing to complain about. This is just my go to song, I listen to it at least once every day, I even practice my aegyo to is (I’ll let you decide if I’m being serious or not).This video also started my obsession with one Kwon Yuri, which I’ll probably never  get over, she’s just perfect (and I’ll have no one else saying otherwise). I could literally talk about this video for days.

That all being said gotta give a shout out to the almosts, it’s important to know that this list changed soo many times, the only one I was ever sure about was number one. So gotta give props to my girl IU, this girl is super talented and super pretty, 2NE1, these laydeeez got swag to spareeee especially DA BADDEST FEMALE CL, SUJU, you know it was hard making a list without these guys,  they’re soo suave and always on point. I gotta stop here before I start listing all my favourite k-pop groups and hope you can’t wait to read more.

I’m OUT!


You know you wanna watch this


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Waqcky’s World!!!!!!

  1. Man i’ve been getting headaches i mention k-pop to my friends they what the hell im listening too but i like it a lot. Anyway is nice too see people share thoughts on k-pop in the UK.

    Anyway good luck on your blog.

    If you havent check out shadow – Beast

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