G Dragon – Coup d’etat

Again this was supposed to be posted a while ago, sorry.

Ladies and Gents, this is the revolution and it must be blogged! GD is back with the title track video from his second album. And while I felt as if MiChiGo was like a crayon part 2, Coup d’etat has defied expectations in the sound, music video and overall concept. The song is all about that skittering beat and GD’s flow is all over that, he’s really pushing the boundaries of k-pop and doing his own thing. Theres just something about this song, its forward thinking but you can see the influences of old school rap.Diplo and Baueer did an amazing job of producing this track, the sound was immense I definitely think this a contender for song of the year.

Now comes the time to talk about the visuals and GD definitely didn’t leave us wanting more, there is soo much to talk about.  It has to be said that this video. While people love the pop infused crooked this track is like the polar opposite, set in desolate wastelands, ticket offices and the crazy wrecking ball pendulum room, music video is just simple and chic but it leaves you with too many thoughts left. One thing this video doesn’t lack is GD’s confidence (SWAG, CHECK) and his artistic eye, overall this video is definitely something that needs to be watched over and over again to truly appreciate the genius that is G Dragon.




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