G-Dragon – Crooked

I know it’s a bit late, but I felt this song needed a post and we’ve been quite busy of late. So, here it is:

As much as I do love G-Dragon’s other releases, this just blew all of them out the water. I mean.. wow.

The video has all the usual GD traits – wonderful fashion, synthed up pop-punk beat, and a catchy tune. On top of this, the song seems like an output for all the emotions that will make fan-girls cry. The video narrates a breakdown, from isolation within a crowd to straight out crying in the toilet. There could not have been a better style to accompany the song than pop-punk/grunge, and there could have been no better place for that to be filmed than in London (which I will have a fan girl rant about at the end of this post).

I’m sure there are lots of theories around as to what this song is about, from being aimed at an ex-girlfriend, co-workers or even fans. And with lyrics like ‘Leave me alone, I was alone anyway, I have no one, everything is meaningless, Take away the sugar-coated comfort. Tonight, I’ll be crooked’ they could all be valid.
The only thing that seems clear to me is that this would be a fantastic anthem for anyone out there who doesn’t really know what they’re doing with their life right now.

Not only is this an incredible video, but the song can stand by itself too. Good job, GD!

(Fan girl rant – I was in London when this was being filmed, in the areas it was being filmed in. Yet, I somehow managed to miss everything. That scene with him collapsing on the benches? I had lunch there. The streets he struts down? I spent ages there because of my fascination with graffiti. And I saw nothing. Not a thing!)

Toodle-oo all xx


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