Kara – Damaged Lady

Sorry for the lateness!!!! This should’ve been posted aages ago.

YES!!! The Kara ladies are back, with a brand new song! All I can say about this song is, YES DIVAS, WERK IT, OWN IT, LOVE IT. Now that I’ve got my obligatory fanboying out of the way lets start with the overall concept, these girls have been away soo long, yes we know Japan is a lucrative market but we’ve been missing you on the k-pop scene. Now before this song even came out there were naysayers, but these girls have come back and so strong.

This song is like a mish-mash of genre’s but to me the chorus takes me straight to j-pop/anime songs, the verses are very hard and tough, an accusing tone by a woman scorned (hell hath no fury) and the chorus is just so catchy and takes me to another level, these girls are always progressing in terms of sounds and lyrics, I’m sure this is a song that many modern women can relate to and also it’s good to see a woman speaking out instead of singing a ballad, how the love of their life went away crying into pillows (sometimes it’s good to be angry).

Let’s move on to the styling and fashion in this video, need I say it, THESE GURLS ARE SNNNNATCHED. They’ve really stepped up in terms of styling, lets remember the title is damaged lady and these girls are nothing less than ladies in this video, starting off with the ladies at lunch look, the pastel colours with those cocktail dresses is exactly the look they needed, along with the jewels, we have the pearls, the diamonds, its especially good that these dresses leave a lot of shelf space for the big jewellery and the corresponding earings are KILLA. Moving on to what I call the Killer Queen look (LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, KARA HAVE ARRIVED, BOW DOWN BITCHES!!!!) these ladies have stepped it up. These sleek black dresses have a great silhouette and shape, the applique is so beautiful and again the accessories make it, especially the crown that my girl Seung Yeon wears (not gonna lie, she’s my bias). The overall styling is classic black and gold for these dresses and they really match the concept.

The masculine looks I also feel are good, the outfits are clean simple and chic, with little differences to make each member look unique but still part of the group, the black tie white shirt look is also nice (however pales in comparison to every other look), the only thing I wasn’t really into was the weird mushroom hair look, didn’t do anything for me, but everything else was MAJOR!  Last and not least lets talk about the choreography, the way I’d describe this is simple but powerful, it’s not overly amazing but it does the job, there’s nothing to distract or hinder their amazing vocals on this track it just enhances the performance.  One last thing I have to say Park Gyuri looks MAJOR with her red hair in this video #KILLINGIT




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