The Rookie Corner – Bangtan Boys (BTS)


Welcome to the rookie corner, where we’ll look at the Rookie idols that have debuted this year and just bringing attention to the new up and coming idols, Rookies need love too!


The first group I wanna bring your attention to is the Bangtan Boys AKA BTS under BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT. Now these guys can are kinda like those bad boys that you wanna hang around with but your mum doesn’t let you. They debuted in June and they definitely got that swagger to the million, they just brought it and served it. The song, No More Dream, itself is a classic clapping beat, banging bass line and filled with horns that are just CRAY. Their styling choices in this video are also bangin, just hip hop to the T, especially with the crazy visor that Rap Monster is wearing and when they use the same printed material but each in a different way, literally, SLAYING!

This year they have just gone from strength to strength, in July they released another music video, We are Bulletproof, that song is just as about as thug as K-pop gets (EVERYWHERE I GO, EVERYTHING I DO) and their flow is just too good. The styling choices in this video are also KILLA, there’s obviously the matching prints in the group shots but the individual styling is ON POINT!!!!! This song also shows off their choreography, their debut song left me questioning if they could pull this off but that dance break at the end was A-MAZING (plus they all lift up their tops too, let the fangirl/boying commence).The song is possibly the best rookie song I’ve heard this year, WE GO HARD, CLICK CLICK, BANG BANG!!!

Recently they came back with N.O, the anti-school anthem, FIGHT THE SYSYEM YEAH!!!!  But it does deal with a real situation for Korea (and most of asia’s youth) they study waaaaay hard. Their styling is simple and basic and does it’s job but The main standout in this video for me is their choreography, all I have to say is DAYUMMMMM!!!! You guys need to check it out and give us your opinion on this up and coming group.



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P.S. Jung Kook is my Bias 😛


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