Comeback Watch – IU 이지은

This week IU’s comeback photos were put up for all of us to see and I for one am glad to see them. There was constant talk of IU coming back with more of an adult image, I started panicking, I was constantly thinking ‘Damn, this girls gonna go Miley Cyrus on us!’.

Alas that was not the case and from looking at the photo’s I’m glad that adult in this case doesn’t mean, ‘Hey look at me I’m an adult, so now I’m just not gonna wear any clothes anymore’, and that she opted for taking classy look. All I have to say is GURRRL, MAKE IT WORK!!!



The photos are a classic black and white, with rich gold text and is exactly the image IU should portray now. The first photo is reminiscent of the classic Hollywood actresses (Katherine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth)and it leaves me nothing but excitement for her next album (October is waaay to far away). The styling is really simple, her hair has a natural wave and wearing a chic black top. The picture is a very understated sexiness.



The second look is more adult but still not garish or vulgar but artistic, simple hot leggings, black heels and a crazy sexy cool jacket. Both these images leave me with nothing but good thoughts (minds out of the gutter people) about IU’s comeback and excited about the music she will bring. ROLL ON OCTOBER

The overall concept is simple, chic and sexy but understated. She’s made a more mature image for herself, she can still be the nations little sister, just all grown up.

What do you guys think about the photo’s and concept? Are you guys excited for IU’s comeback?



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