K-TV – Running Man



Korea is responsible for a wide range of wonderful (and somewhat bizarre) variety TV shows. From Hello Baby, which always amazes me that parents would trust an idol with their young children, to We Got Married, which can be so cute it’s sickening, it seems there is little limit to K-variety shows.

However, my favourite, by far, has got to be Running Man. Very rarely do I laugh-out-loud at TV, but Running Man has made me cry from laughing so much.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it consists of the Running Man members and famous (mostly) Korean guests taking part in a series of missions each episode in order to become the winner at the end of the race, and avoid the forfeit.

The Running Man Team consists of the TV personality and Korean nations MC Yoo Jae-Suk, Leessang’s Gary, comedian (wonderfully called) Haha, actress Song Ji-Hyo, singer and TV personality Kim Jong Kook, comedian Ji Suk Jin and soft-hearted actor Lee Kwang Soo. Former cast members include After School’s Lizzy and flower boy actor Song Joong-Ki who is currently completing his army service.
With a cast as good as this and the occasional inclusion of the poor uninformed staff, how could hilarity on ensue?

The guests vary from actors such as Kim Jae Dong (and even Jackie Chan!) to top idols such as Big Bang and 2PM.
So, if you’re a K-fan in any way or just like funny people, it’s definitely worth a watch. All episodes are available with English subtitles for those (like me) who struggle with their Korean.

The award-winning show is fun and hilarious, whilst still providing tense moments in race/hide-and-seek missions. It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen (in any language) and regularly makes me crack up laughing.

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Toodle-oo all XX


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