Taemin’s fashion

Of all the K-pop idols, I think I like Taemin’s fashion sense the best. And I don’t mean that in a fan-girl “Squee doesn’t oppa look pretty” kind of way, but in that I genuinely love the majority of his clothes and would love to wear them myself.. if I could afford them that is. Obviously, as I’m sure you all know, he pulls off skinny jeans with a style that a lot of people can’t, but as a girl, I would love to get a hold of his wardrobe for the jeans alone. Particularly those ripped wonders that he often sports on stage.


Taemin looks particularly good pairing his skinny jeans with a vest top. Unfortunately, being short and chubby, I can’t pull this off with his flair, as much as I would like to.

vest n jeans


However, I would pair the delightful skinny jeans with some of his squishy-comfy fashionable jumpers. He has worn some spectacular jumpers, and some not so good, but always manages to look fashionable and comfy – two concepts which don’t often go together. I’ve found pictures of my two favourites, just for you guys.


Most of all, I love his jackets and warm-snuggly clothes – his collection of scarves and hats is just magnificent. My favourite part of the year is when you get to wrap up in all your clothes with a warm cup of tea and constantly feel snuggled, and I would love nothing more than to do this with Taemin’s clothes.



warm n fluffy

If Taemin comes with all these clothes, I have no issue with that what-so-ever, but the clothes would certainly do!

Toodle-oo all xx


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