Comeback Watch – IU Teaser

Ladies and Gentlemen, SHE HAS ARRIVED. That brown hair, those red lips, YES, YES, A MILLION TIMES YES!!!!! WORK! WORK! WORK! IU has finally released a teaser for her long awaited and anticipated comeback on October 7th. Let me tell you, it’s everything you wanted it to be and more. This girl has truly grown up and matured. First of all the style, it’s so simple, so chic (that red lipstick and brown hair are just FIERRRCE) such an understated sexiness, like a modern vintage look. I have to commend this girl for trying such an out there concept, the Bossa Nova.jazzy/bluesy vibe just conjours up a picture of IU with a vintage microphone in front of a big band when performing. The sound is just EPIC, it’s refreshing to see someone not just go down the EDM route or following the crowd of what’s popular. It’s obvious that a lot of work has been put into this comeback and I for one am just going crazy over this teaser it’s just pure EPIC A-MAH-ZING-NESS!!!!! Roll on October 7th, everyone else coming back in October, YOU BETTA WORK B! It’s gonna take a lot to take this shine away.



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One thought on “Comeback Watch – IU Teaser

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