Comeback Watch – Shinee

Okay people, stop drooling :P

Okay people, stop drooling 😛

Psst…SHINEE’S BACK, 3 releases in one year, I must’ve been extra good this year. Now, IU aside, I know when all y’all heard the news of the October comeback you guys wen CA-RAY-ZAY (I certainly did). The teaser images have been slowly released and title track ‘Everybody’ is said to be of the Complextro (I think someone just made up a word) genre. From the look of the teaser pictures, it seems as though they have gone with a Edgy/Navy concept. Lip Piercings, crazy colours, Navy style jackets (Minho and Jonghyun’s FTW) and a simple yet stunning black and white shot. It leaves us wondering/yearning what exactly the song is gonna sound like. Needless to say, our five boys have grown up and it’s probably one of the most fashion forward/unexpected turns for a boyband to take in terms of looks (it seems as though other boy bands are just doing more of the same, no evolution).

No. Seriously. Stop Drooling!

No. Seriously. Stop Drooling!

Also check out the lyric video to Symptom

Roll on October 14th



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