Infinite – Request

Infinite’s newest video was barely announced before it was released, and it hasn’t had a lot of fuss around it since. This could be due to the fact it is an advert for Samsung. However, considering the fact that it is an advert, it’s pretty good.

The inclusion of the products is a bit clunky, but if it wasn’t, no-one would notice them and it would be a terrible advert. I feel we can let Samsung off with this, especially seeing as they’re funding the world tour.

The song itself is reminiscent of Infinite’s past releases ‘Chaser’ and ‘Man in Love.’ It is a fairly standard upbeat 80’s-esque tune that we have come to expect from Infinite, and although it’s far from their best, it still makes for good listening, and the video is quite adorable. As usual, the lyrics deal with an obsession over a love that is out of reach, but the song stays relatively upbeat. The combination of these two elements gives the song a more hopeful feel than the usual unrequited love songs.

Despite some obvious flaws and a seeming lack of ambition with this song, ‘Request’ is sweet, daft and fun, and that’s all it needed.


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