IU (아이유)– Modern Times – Album Review + Listen to the album here



Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over, IU’s back and back with a bang if I do say so myself. Words cannot express how amazing this album is, seriously it’s that good. The album encompasses an eclectic mix of genres (Bossa Nova, Latin pop, Swing Jazz to name a few) but the great thing is it’s not static in its delivery, there’s a flow in which each track sort of segues into the next.

The best way to describe this album is that it’s an experience or a journey, A journey in which IU’s silky smooth vocals guide you round the troubles of heartbreak, the carefree times and the memories cherished. You can connect with emotions of the song. At times the album is sensual and at other times heartbreaking and when it’s over you just want to experience it again.

Timeless is the key word here, just like its namesake (Charlie Chaplains Modern Times) IU has managed to create a timeless piece for the ages, she didn’t set herself any boundaries or aim for any particular market but has created a piece which cold appeal to you whether your 14 or 40, I really feel that this album can appeal to anyone. IU is showing us she’s not a little girl anymore (though thankfully not the way Miley Cyrus did), she’s growing and developing as an artist. She didn’t follow the crowd with this album and I really commend her for that. She took a risk and is exposing k-pop fans to something new. For me, this is, without a doubt the best K-pop album of 2013, I give you, IU, a standing ovation, take a bow because you just set a new bar of awesomeness.

Standout Tracks: (All the tracks are standout to be honest but, these ones I really Enjoyed)

Gloomy Clock – An outstanding duet with Jonhyun from SHINee, firstly a clap for Jonghyun, what an amazingly written and produced track. Sitting along a metronome IU and Jonghyun are just depressingly sing of the heartbreak, waiting to go to sleep, what time is it?

Walk With Me, Girl – This song just touches me (in the right way), singing of memories and meeting up with someone once more, it’s both heartbreaking and hopeful, like someone will always be there for you.

Modern Times – This song is just soo amazing, the woodwind instruments make me feel just so cheerful.

Between the Lips (50CM) – Now this has got to be my favourite track, IU sings this song with a breathy sensuality which makes this song soo sexy without being crude. The lyrics really tell a story of a grown up woman who knows what she wants, she’s in control. Don’t Rush!

Don’t Just take my word for it, here’s the album!

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