IU (아이유)– The Red Shoes (분홍신) MV

YES IU, I SEE YOU, ROCKING THAT VINTAGE LOOK!!!  IU has released her new MV for the song ‘The Red Shoes’  and it certainly is an experience at that. Simplicity, vintage, sensual, that understated sexiness I’m always talking about, you need to see it to believe it. IU’s styling is to the T amazing, that little black embellished number, that oversized feather boa its just super duper retro (and I’m LOOOOOOVING IT). That dishevelled hair, those red shoes, I’m telling everyone to get up and lose yourself in this vintage playhouse. This ol’ swing jazz number really helps her growth as an artist with some hints of classic IU (I know you hear those strings at the start). Also For the MV, IU has brought in Peppertones, Huh Nam Hoon, Yoo Hee Yeol, Fhi Fan, and Jang Ki Yong

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Need to go get me some red shoes 😛



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