YEAAA BOIIIII, it’s that time again where we look at rookie groups who have debuted this year. Nicknamed the brown eyed boys by their super amazing sunbaes (lets hope they release a cover of Abracadabra :P) these guys have just come out with a cray addictive track ‘MY MAMA BEAT!’.

Now, I’ve gotta say, this year the boys are really bringing it with their debuts because the majority of the girl groups I’ve seen haven’t been very creative. Anyways this group really caught my eye, their concept, the styling and colour in their outfits (was a bit iffy about leapord print but it just works here) was a fresh look for me (King has the best hair EVER!).  And I have to say that the video is just all kinds of awesome, the first rule of fight club, you do not talk about fight club, the second rule of fight club, you DO NOT talk about fight club. The video also shows an interesting way to introduce the members of the group to the public and has traces of street fighter awesomeness (SHORYUKEN). The song itself is a K-pop song with hints of electro and dance and has a tune that just gets into your head, you’ll be singing it all day. Hopefully there’s more amazingness to come from this group, I for one cannot wait till their comeback.

Tell us what you think about this exciting new group, will you be a love beat? who’s your bias? Are they K-Pop or K-Flop? (My Bias just has to be E.DEN)

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Made up of members:  Rasa, E.Den, J-Hyo ,King ,Jun, AO

Made up of members: Rasa, E.Den, J-Hyo ,King ,Jun, AO


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