Lim Kim – Her Voice


Since the release of Lim Kim’s (real name Kim Ye Rim) debut track, “All Right,” she had a charm that needed to be watched and heard. Her almost whispered, mature tone is not one I would usually associate with K-pop, but it is fast becoming one of my favourites out there.

I can think of no better word than ambling when trying to explain the immaculate flow of the songs in the album, “Her Voice.”
The gentle opening of “Urban Green” immediately sets the mind at ease before strolling onto the mellow, yet subtly up-beat tones of the pre-released track “Rain.”

There are hints of various genres throughout the album from the jazz impressions of “Rain” to Latin influences in “Drunken Shrimp.”
But, undoubtedly, what makes this album wonderful is Lim Kim’s voice. I am in love with the understated, breezy and calming nature of “Her Voice.”

The only worry would be what she can go on to do, having already produced such an album so early on in her career. I, for one, am excited to find out.

Toodle-oo all xx


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