K-Fashion – Joyrich


Now for many of you who don’t follow fashion you may be wondering, who the hell is joyrich??? Joyrich is a clothing company with a wide range of colourful designs evoking feelings of excitement, whimsy and hip hop with a twist. Their designs have been featured in CeCi, Vogue Korea, Korean Cosmopolitan, Korean Nylon and many more fashion publications.

The clothes they have range from many styles including hip-hop, preppy and also casual. Within their collections they have a lot of statement pieces, things that you can mix and match with existing clothes in your wardrobe. Be careful though, you don’t want to make too big of a statement. Many k-pop stars have also been seen wearing Joyrich, including, G Dragon, Girls Generation, F(X), SHINee, T-ara, EXO, B1A4 and they can also be seen in the videos e.g. Dream Girl, Electric Shock.

What’s your favourite K-Fashion? Is Joyrich K-Chic or K-Freak? Comment, share and subscribe!


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