Rookie Corner – BESTie 베스티


Unfortunately it’s been  a dull year for Rookie girl groups, for me it’s been terribly boring and the production values for some debuting groups videos just haven’t been up to par. While there’s been an influx of new agencies there’s been nothing new, nothing exciting or fresh. Everyone seems to be walking down the road once taken, trying to emulate previous girl groups.  Anyways in that dark pit of despair I dug myself for lack of a new girl group I can shake my groove thang to there came a light in the form of BESTie.

Three members already debuted under EXID but left and although I didn’t think their debut song (Pitapat) was all that, it was passable and it really showed their potential . I am however pleasantly surprised with their second single, a disco infused pop track, which is kinda refreshing in this music rut that rookie girl groups seem to be stuck in.

They’ve taken the basic formula for a k-pop girl group (Aegyo + Hook Song) but infusing it with their personalities. The video for Love options is a breath of fresh air, there’s some comedy, killer styling (Look at those S lines) and even some (natural) Aegyo that wasn’t overbearing. The dancing while not super amazing, is fun and easy to follow along, the potential for this group is major and I for one am looking forward to some new concepts and songs from them. FIGHTING!

So what do you guys think, K-Hot or K-Not? Do you less than 3 (<3) BESTie? Comment, Share and Subscribe 😀

P.S Hyeyeon looks super cute as a geek ❤ (thats right, I less than 3 her :P)


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