KBEE 2013

Waqas and I were lucky enough to go to KBEE yesterday. For those of you who haven’t heard about the event, take a look – here

We arrived a little unsure of what to expect, with CV’s to hand out and a vague hope of trying to get a job. Unfortunately, this part of the day seems to be unsuccessful, with most of the businesses there looking for investors rather than hopeful graduates.

However, the day was wonderful. We arrived at about 11:00 due to serious train delays, but still had plenty of time to do what we wanted…

Starting with – CRYSTALIZE (New Media Art Lab UK & Korea), as it was the first thing on the right as you entered. This was a small collection of digital art and design products. The artist/designer that stood out the most for us was Designer Kun. The characters were quirky and appealing and even the ‘uniforms’ that the staff working on the stall were wearing were fantastic. I think a lot of K-pop fans will like these designs.


We went on to wander around the whole exhibition, picking up details and information from EcoBridge, Kidult Museum, Inno Design, Chalk, Re;Code, Mirumbeau, and Feelbug to name but a few.

We stumbled across the welcome ceremony just in time to witness a traditional Korean band.

However, I’m sure what you’re all interested in is the rumoured appearance of 2NE1, which turned out to be true!
As well as regular hologram concerts, the girls performed in person as part of the welcoming ceremony.





Along with the photos, I managed to get some (somewhat shaky) video footage, just for you guys!

As well as catching the live performance, we did go along to one of the Hologram Shows. Although slightly trippy and a bit unnerving at points, the overall effect was pretty good. I wouldn’t pay much to go (the atmosphere just isn’t there) but it’s worth seeing one if you can.

Overall, it was a really good day. We met some lovely people, ate some good food, and learnt about quite a few Korean companies I had previously had no knowledge on.

Toodle-oo all xx

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