Miss A Hushes Up Competition With Comeback!

Ready and geared up for their comeback Miss A released their music video for their title track ‘Hush’. The song was composed by legendary production duo E-Tribe who have a long repertoire of hits including ‘YaYaYa’ by T-ara and Girls Generation’s ‘Gee’. Built upon a striking guitar rhythm, the song takes upon a slight layered effect. Starting with the strumming of the guitar and slinky synths, one by one the sounds are added and we reach a furious fast paced chorus. The verses are sung slowly and sensually which contrasts with the urgency of the chorus. This song showcases the four girls separate vocals and harmonies and is great at utilizing the vocals for tension and dramatic effect, it keeps your attention the whole way through.

These girls have also stepped it up on their choreography, its in sync with the song. The choreography is similar to that of a tango, it starts off sexy and slow but then builds up into an urgent flurry of movement. There’s no denying that these girls needed a good come back after such a long hiatus, but they came back strong!

Styling is another winner for this video, its super chic! The leather leggings and high necked tops really highlight these girls’ amazing figures and the video is also very sexy without being crude. This is a great lesson in styling, you can be sexy and wear clothes. These girls are channelling all sorts of fierceness!

The video itself has a very gritty and edgy feel while also having a dark atmosphere similar to that of ‘Touch’.  So now that the music video is released we’ll be seeing a lot more of these girls. The promotion cycle is starting and by the looks of it this fearsome four are out to win all the first place trophies.

What do you guys think? A Class? Or back of the class? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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