Ailee (에일리) Vs Allkpop – Scandal of the Century!

Scandals in most forms come tame, mostly based on hearsay evidence and get forgotten the day after.  However waking up today to see the headline ‘[BREAKING] [NSFW] Purported pre debut nude photos of Ailee leaked’ was crazy to say the least. The confusion didn’t stop there, YMC made a statement suggesting that Daniel Lee, AllKPop employee and Ailee’s ex was responsible for leaking the photos. This brought upon a flurry of outrage from Ailee fans, believing that AllKPop’s way of reporting this scandal as not fair.

This then led 6theory media (AllKpop’s parent company) to make a statement followed by screen grabs of an e-mail offer for the photo’s in June and claimed that they made YMC aware of this and they simply brushed it off. Although it is a shame that these pictures were leaked and that someone would do this Ailee’s fans continue to blame AllKPop. However is Ailee a victim? She herself sent those photos, I do not believe that she lacks the common sense not to know when someone is tricking you. The excuse that she sent the photos in response to the modelling offer is farfetched to say the least, seriously, it’s like the first rule of the internet. It seems as though YMC are trying to find a scapegoat in Daniel Lee.

Secondly whether or not the photo’s were given by Daniel Lee, AllKPop is a Media and Gossip website, they are always posting about rumours/scandals, so why should they show preferential treatment to Ailee. As far as gossip goes, you should take it as it is and not completely believe it but it’s not the first site that has posted scandals, just because this one happens to be true should not exempt it from posting it. If what they said was true, they were more than fair to Ailee and YMC by making them aware.

It should be made clear that even though YMC made this statement, there is no proof at this moment that states that Daniel Lee, or any other of Ailee’s Ex’s, have leaked the photo’s. People are condemning this guy without any proof. All I ask is for people to wait.

I hope this all blows over because Ailee does truly make amazing music! She is continuing with her Japanese promotions and will be seen at the Melon Music Awards. After I assume she will take a leave of absence to reflect, as most idols do.

What do you guys think of the scandal? Are you Pro-Ailee? Or Pro-Allkpop? Comment, share and subscribe!


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