Playful Yoona and Serious Bum Soo stand out in ‘Prime Minister and I’ teaser!


The upcoming drama ‘Prime Minister and I’ has released its first teaser. The cast includes ‘History of A Salaryman’s’ Lee Bum Soo and Girls Generation’s Im Yoona taking on the lead roles. ‘Prime Minister and I’ received a lot of attention before production because of the controversial casting of Lee Bum Soo and Yoona as love interests. The reason for this was that they have an age gap of twenty years and many netizens were worried that there would be a lack of chemistry between the pair.

The plot has been likened to the popular film ‘The Sound of Music’ but with a twist. Lee Bum Soo plays a prime minister with a need for a housekeeper and Yoona’s character needs a job. She shows up to the where the kids need a mother. Her character is known for having a background in music and teaches the children how to sing. Although Yoona is mostly know as being a member of Girls Generation she has previously appeared in the dramas ‘Love Rain,’ ‘You Are My Destiny’ and ‘Cinderella Man’.

The teaser, while short, focuses on the Lee Bum Soo and Yoona. Bum Soo’s character is portrayed as cold and serious whereas Yoona’s character is bright and cheerful. We get a hint of their chemistry when she calls out his name and the teaser plays off their opposite nature. It seems as though the drama will play off this odd couple dynamic and is set to premiere on December 9th on KBS.

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2 thoughts on “Playful Yoona and Serious Bum Soo stand out in ‘Prime Minister and I’ teaser!

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