Ringa Linga the Alarm! Taeyang Releases Comeback MV!

Ring the alarm because BIGBANG’s Taeyang is back with a BIG BANG (get it :P), three years since his last solo album ‘Solar’. Releasing the video for the ultra-addictive track ‘Ringa Linga’, Taeyang shows us that the club is still alive, even in November! The sound of the track is reminiscent to GD’s solo effort so it comes as no surprise that it was composed by G Dragon himself and Jose E. Luna (Shockbit). Infused with elements of EDM, Hip-Hop, Rap and a killer piano intro that evokes feelings of Taeyang’s ‘Wedding Dress’. The track is a club banger and is sure to set the dance floor alight! The lyrics talk of partying the weekend away, a perfect club song with a killer hook! However saying this, the track has a faceless quality to it. We can imagine a number of YG artists singing this song, apart from the intro, nothing specifically about this track reminds you of Taeyang.

However the music video ties all the loose ends together and gives us the full picture. Packed with stunning visuals, the video truly gets us in anticipation for the album. A modern industrial wasteland setting, the video boasts a concept of hip-hop with an edge. The gritty feeling of an underground club, crowds of people and UV lights gives a sense of a post-apocalyptic rave. The choreography shows off Taeyang’s skills and is rooted in hip-hop. The styling also gives off the hip-hop vibe but with a futuristic edge. Taeyang’s platinum hair and outfits add to the evolution of Taeyang’s style. As well as this there are also cameos from GD and WINNER!

This all leads us to the all-important question, what does Ringa Linga actually mean? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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