T.O.P (탑) makes us go ‘DOOM DADA’ in his strangely artistic MV!

Hot on Taeyang’s heels T.O.P has released the video to his strangely titled song ‘DOOM DADA’. Composed by T.O.P and Choice 47 the song is a Hip-Hop track taking a classic beat, striking bass line and blaring sirens to make an explosion of sound!  Lyrically the song shows that general rap swagger, no arrogance is spared as T.O.P exclaims ‘I’m a 21st century, extraordinary Korean’. His deep voice adding another dynamic to the track, coupled with the catchy yet nonsensical ‘DOOM DA DA DIVI DA DA DOOM DA DA DIVI DA DA’ chorus is hypnotizing.

The teaser pictures gave us no indication what exactly the MV would be like, the pictures have an old fashioned and minimalistic feel and many people assumed that was the direction the MV would take. They created a lot of interest with T.O.P and the big baby character. Shot in black and white the MV is full of stunning visuals each more confusing than the last. Apes that find a microphone but confused what to do with it. A silhouette of what seems to be the evolution of man shackled together. There is also an appearance from professor T.O.P and deranged T.O.P all making up for a very strange, unhinging video. For all you guys wondering, the big baby and motorcycle T.O.P make an appearance too. However all this being said, it’s been speculated that the title of the MV could refer to Dadaism. An Avant-garde art form which rejects logic and reason in favour of nonsense and irrationality. In that case, the video makes more sense.

P.S There’s also a scene of T.O.P on a Zebra

So what do you guys think? Is this video ‘DOOM DADA’? Or DOOM DUD?


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