Hyolyn (효린) is La La La Lonely prancing around La La La London in debut solo MV!

Hyolyn is feeling lonely, uh-oh better call your SISTAR’s. The powerhouse vocal from SISTAR, also known as the Korean Beyonce, Hyolyn is finally making her solo debut! After months of speculation and reports that nothing would be released until it was ready Hyolyn has released the first MV for the track ‘Lonely’ (론리). The song is a beautiful soft rock ballad sung in a breathy, almost whispering, voice.  It truly shows a different side of her giving us a toned down, more intimate performance.

The MV has a great concept and gives us some awesome visuals. It shows Hyolyn exploring London, relishing in the freedom of her loneliness, jumping around and having fun. This is juxtaposed with scenes of her upset, angry and stifled by the loneliness that surrounds her. The styling in this video gives Hyolyn a new edge and a new presence outside of SISTAR. In the styling we see hints of punk and her new cropped hairdo completes this modern punk look.

Ultimately this song is a ‘Hyol-in-one’, it’s a great introduction to her as a solo artist and creates anticipation for the next MV ‘One Way Love’ and album ‘Love & Hate’.

But what do you guys think? Did you La La La Love it? Or La La La Loathe it? Comment, Share and Subscribe!!!


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