Comeback Watch – T-ARA (티아라) Is Asking Ottoke? In ‘I Don’t Remember’ Teaser!

T-ARA are looking to end the year with a bang announcing their comeback for December 2nd. The title track they are promoting is called ‘I Don’t Remember’ and the teasers are giving nothing away. Hot off the heels of the banger that was ‘No.9’ these girls are changing the pace going for what seems to be a piano driven ballad.

The teaser pictures give an impression of a fresh young look, Eunjung’s blonde hair is dynamite while Qri’s pink locks are to die for! It seems a bit strange for a ballad, let’s hope it’s a ballad that transforms into a big club banger! It’s been said that the girls’ new music video will be 9 minutes long and that their choreography will take on a musical theme. CCM sure knows how to leave us guessing. Here’s hoping it’s as a-mah-zing as we think it’s going to be!


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