2AM’s (투에이엠) ‘Nocturne’ Makes Us ‘Regret’ Nothing! (Album Review)


2AM have recently made their November comeback with their new mini album ‘Nocturne’. It seems that the princes of power ballads are back giving us a different feel for their new EP. In ‘Nocturne’ we see 2AM experiment with different sounds and genre’s evolving their sound from just merely ballads to more mid-tempo’s and pop songs.

The album has an array of sounds, from the wintery feel and harmonies of ‘Only You’ to the title song ‘Regret’, which is a gloomy track that has an echoing beat accompanied by a piano. The song is a perfect break up track, so for those of you not so lucky in love this winter, this should definitely go on your break up playlist! ‘You’re Prettier The More I See You’ brings a welcome change and is a upbeat, fun and bouncy track.

To An Angel is the standout track on this album and one I believed should have been the title track. Opening with bright synths and leading into a guitar led chorus this mid-tempo is a perfect slice of pop and by far the most amazing track on this mini album. The song is just so happy and makes you smile.

I think that being labelled a ballad group has hindered these four amazing talents and within K-Pop they’re not really recognised much. It’s good that they have broken out of the box on this album and branched out into other genres. This group proves that you don’t need gimmicks and all the smoke and mirrors to make an awesome album and shows their growth as a group.

What do you guys think? Will you wake up at 2AM? Or will you press the snooze button? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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