Comeback Watch – EXO-CITED FOR ( 엑소) ‘Miracle of December’!

AWOOOOO!!!  Possibly the hottest group out right now is gearing up for a December comeback. EXO have recently released both comeback image and teaser of the song ‘Miracle of December’. The teaser image shows the boys inside a snow globe in the shape of a Christmas tree, it’s certainly a light hearted change from the image portrayed in ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’.


Listening to the teaser ‘Miracle of December’ is a sombre R&B ballad. Although the image gives off a Christmassy feeling, listening to the actual song you get a different feeling. It’s good that EXO are trying out new things going and it seems that there is going to be both a Korean and Mandarin version of this song. I know all the Exotics are excited for this comeback and it ensures that EXO will finish the year strong, 2013 was pretty much EXO’s year.

Roll on December 9th. Are you guys EXO-Static about this? Comment, Share and Subscribe!



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6 thoughts on “Comeback Watch – EXO-CITED FOR ( 엑소) ‘Miracle of December’!

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