Exo create ‘Miracles in December’ for fans with a winter MV release

Exo have released their newest MV for Christmas. Ignoring the fact we still have not had the various versions of Growl and Wolf we were promised, I am very impressed.

I was aware that DO, Baekhyun, and Chen had good voices, but had no idea how good, especially Chen – holy cow, can that boy sing!
This video is quite different from anything Exo have done before and I am so happy that they have done it. There is no dancing, so the video is focussed on the story and the vocal talent of the three singing.
The story of the video and tone of the song match wonderfully to create an emotional ambience that draws you into the melody.
I feel very melancholy having watched the video an few times and the only thing I could possibly say is.. wrong is not the right word, but unnecessary with the video is the inclusion of all the members. I know that it is an Exo release, but it probably could have been just as successful with the three singing forming a sub-group (which I imagine SM will do at some point).
However, I’m not saying the inclusion of the other members was wrong – they add a cute element to the story that brings the song to a nicely rounded finish, and their subtle acting was surprisingly good.

Despite the usually thrifty nature of SM in re-using sets and costumes, I am very impressed with this song. The most outstanding impression I have been left with though is Chen’s voice – I would love some solo tracks from him soon!

Toodle-oo all xx
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