Rookie Corner – Pro C

J-Tune Camp’s Pro C (Problem Children) are yet to debut but have released an MV for the song ‘Bad Memory’ Feat K.Will. According to press released regarding the group, it’s said that Pro C is actually the rapper unit of a new boy group coming up! Apparently the full group will debut in the first half of 2014 and will win over fans with their bad boy charms.

The sub-unit features the talents of rapper Moos and Buffy. They keep their faces hidden adding to their mystique. It just makes us ever so curious of this new group coming up. The rapping technique they have is similar to that of Gary/Garie of Leessang. If anything this acoustic hip-hop track creates a great buzz for this new group and I am one who is in anticipation.

What do you guys think? Is this group the next best thing? Or will this just be a bad memory?


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