Tasty twins release MV for Day ‘n’ Night

I have never really paid much attention to Tasty before this video. I have watched all their videos as they were released, but wasn’t hugely impressed with them – I liked them, but they didn’t leave much of a lasting impression.

However, with the release of Day ‘n’ Night, this has changed.
The song jumps straight in with a catchy, upbeat, guitar based tune that continues throughout the whole song. The strong snare-beat on the drums creates a rhythm that makes me want to dance. This could have something to do with the fact that I’m a 90’s child, and this is one hell of a throwback to “the good ol’ days.” Both the song and the fashion the twins wear for the dance segments are extremely 90’s influenced, and I love it!

The story around the MV wouldn’t be out of place in a K-drama, and is more than enough to keep you watching even without the addictive melody. (Although the girl character is incredibly annoying). The lyrics are focussed on a guy trying to get over a girl who left, which is a nice subtle difference from the usual love-songs of K-pop.
The rhythm of the song flows with the story of the video and creates a complimentary parallel between the two. The segment just before the guys get beaten up in the alleyway, when the backing music drops out and the singing goes a capella works delightfully.

The dance is relatively simple, not that my highly uncoordinated legs could deal with it, which fits in with the 90’s vibe perfectly.

Overall, the song is catchy and every aspect of the video works well together. No serious complaints from me

Toodle-oo all xx

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