Son Dam Bi Lights Up The Dark With Her ‘Red Candle’ MV!


The long legged beauty Son Dambi is back with the ever infectious ‘Red Candle’. The song is a Bossa Nova influenced track which lyrically speaks of a fleeting love and the love described in the song is played off beautifully with metaphors of being ‘hot’ and ‘fiery’ relating to that of a candle. The song was actually composed by none other than SHINee’s Jonghyun, who is getting quite a name for himself as a composer these days (IU’s ‘Gloomy Clock’). It was reported that Son Dambi personally requested a song from Jonghyun after listening to many different demo’s. Jonghyun says he chose the genre of Bossa Nova as it would match her sexy image and unique voice and not only did compose and write the song but also helped her as a vocal director.

In the video we see Son Dambi take a very mature look, her hair is short and her clothes are muted down and very neutral. The video is very simple in black and white giving some stunning shots of her singing solo and the styling makes her look very regal. The chorus is explosive and fiery and shows her dancing passionately with a male dancer, it’s very reminiscent of the dancing in Shakira’s 2009 single ‘Did It Again’. All in all the song is a winner for me, well done Jonghyun and Son Dambi

What do you guys think? Does this song light up the dark? Or should we blow out this candle? Comment, Share and Subscribe?



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