Girls Generation Teases Fans At ‘Marchen Fantasy’ Concert!


Girls Generation recently had their ‘Marchen Fantasy’ concert on December 22nd and it was full of surprises. The girls certainly didn’t disappoint and even included some of their recent Japanese hits as part of the show. The most exciting performance had to be  ‘Galaxy Supernova’ which featured  special guest ENDO, a YouTube sensation who performs dance covers of Girls Generation’s songs.

The girls also held some interesting solo stages, Seohyun took up her guitar and sang ‘Kiss Me’, Sunny covered Ga In’s ‘Bloom’ whilst Tiffany and Yuri did a mega cute version of SISTAR19’s ‘Ma Boy’. However the most discussed solo stage was Sooyoung’s, she donned her striped leotard showing off her svelte, long legged figure giving a sexy performance of Sunmi’s ’24 Hours’.

The girls also released a teaser for their upcoming comeback in 2014, they seem to have a darker concept than the light hearted ‘I Got A Boy’. As usual the fans are anticipating more growth from these nine young ladies.

What do you guys think? Who had the best solo stage? Are you excited for their comeback? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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