IU’s Gotta Get Down On Friday In New MV!


Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) IU has not done a cover of Rebecca Black’s Friday but has comeback with the title song for the repackage of her ‘Modern Times’ album titled ‘Modern Times Epilogue’.

The song was composed and written by IU herself and is an guitar led track which talks of a young love and not being able to wait until the weekend to see your partner. The song has already achieved a perfect all kill for IU and is probably set to win her many music show awards in the coming weeks. The song features HISTORY’s Yijeong who’s smooth vocals match effortlessly with IU’s.

The video see’s IU returning to a fun and cute image but also represents her age well as the image isn’t too young and full of aegyo. IU looks very natural in the video singing in her house along with Yijeong. She impatiently waits around the house until she sees her love played by Jang Ki Yong, who also starred in her previous MV for ‘The Red Shoes’. The video is both heart-warming and heart-breaking as we see great chemistry between IU and Jang Ki Yong but Yijeong is just left behind.

What do you guys think? TGIF? Or will you be skipping straight to Saturday? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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