TVXQ Are Eager To Tell Us ‘Something’ On their 10th Anniversary!


After a domination of the Japanese market in 2013 with a hit album, many hit singles and a 5 dome tour the precocious pair are back on home turf to celebrate their 10th anniversary with their seventh Korean studio album (thirteenth overall) titled ‘Tense’. Maintaining their popularity throughout Asia for 10 years they have risen to be legends of K-pop. But whilst they have been extremely successful they have had their fair share of troubles. Originally debuting as a five member group a dispute with SM caused three members to leave and create the equally popular group JYJ. We should also acknowledge JYJ’s contribution to the group as it wouldn’t be here today without them!

The title song ‘Something’ is written by long-time collaborator Yoo Young-Jin and his brother Yoo Han-Jin whilst Young-Jin also produced the track. This comeback sees the boys experimenting with new sounds. TVXQ are known for making dramatic, dark and intense music so it’s refreshing to see the boys take on a more cute and lively concept and giving the fans something different for this comeback. Musically we see the boys experimenting with swing jazz and big band music, showing a more playful side to this cantankerous couple and lyrically the song deals with a narcissistic man who needs a woman that has ‘that something’ in order to attract him.

The MV has a brightly lit set reminiscent of 1920’s opera houses and an alleyway. Full of faux dancing mobsters the MV gives the feel of a Broadway musical and creates visuals similar to that of ‘The Great Gatsby’. The boys take on the characters of womanisers in the video, surrounded by women and taking more of a bad boy image complete with tattoos.

The choreography in this video has also attracted attention for its innovative quality. We see the boys using rope to create a puppet effect as well as performing some gravity defying moves. Along with that a highlight of the video is the jazzy bebop dance break which highlights the boys’ dance skills.

The styling in the video matches the modern retro look and is loud and alive with colour. The pieces include flowery and pinstriped cutaway tailcoats, wide-legged trousers and other twenties inspired pieces. Some of which were from the spring 2014 collection of Ann Demeulemeester.

Overall I applaud this modern retro concept and the new direction the boys are taking and I wish these boys a successful comeback and 10th anniversary. This song sits well with other retro concepts that SM has produced such as Hoot by Girls Generation and Spy by Super Junior. Kudos!

What do you guys think? Is this comeback super retro? Or super ret-no? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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