Girls Day (걸스데이) Are Giving Us A Lil’ ‘Something’ (썸씽) In New MV!


Tired of being ‘Female President’s’ Girl’s Day are back with ‘Something’ special. They girls have recently released the ultra-sexy MV for title track ‘Something’ which was written and produced by Duble Sidekick for their mini-album ‘Everyday 3’. The song is reminiscent of SISTAR’s smash hit ‘Alone’ with the song’s salient synths and gliding vocals, the also song has elements of 90’s pop music.

The MV shows yet another girl group eager to let go of their aegyo and portray a more mature image. Outfits involving bare midriffs and high slits on the side both leaves everything and nothing to the imagination (and I’m not complaining). Parts of the choreography are great but other parts just make it seem like filler material. All in all the song is amazing, definitely a great start to the year and if they keep coming back like this, every day will be girl’s day!

What do you guys think? Is this Something? Or Nothing? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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