Rookie Corner – BEAT WIN (비트윈)

BEAT_WIN3 beat_win6

2014 is a new year and that means plenty of fresh new rookie groups debut’s to look forward to. The first Rookie Corner is dedicated to one of the year’s first debut by a group called BEAT WIN. The group debuted under the Heavenly Star Content entertainment company and have trained since 2011. The group consists of Sunhyuk, Sangyu, Youngio, Jungha, Yoonhoo and Sungho and was revealed in Japan before Korea. The boys have been gaining popularity even from pre-debut time and are on their way to becoming the super rookies of this year.

Their debut song, titles ‘She’s My Girl’ (갖고싶니) is produced by producer team N Company, which consists of Nam Gi-Sang, Kwon Sun-Ik and Kang Jun-Myung, the guys responsible for making Girl’s Day a hot issue group. The song has Euro-Pop and dance influences with a hint of dubstep with a rap bridge that is just full of random English words. In the words of the YouTube description of the song, ‘expresses a dandy guy’s mind that wants to approach the girl, who he loves, not roughly but with manner’.  Full of cutesy dancing and terrible English it’s a good effort from the rookie group but I hope to see something a little more polished and I’m sure this group will go far!

What do you guys think? BEAT WIN? Or BEAT LOSE? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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