SPICA (스피카) Are Sassy And Humorously Sexy In ‘You Don’t Love Me’ MV!

SPICA are bringing vintage back with their new song ‘You Don’t Love Me’. The retro number was written and composed by the one and only Lee Hyori, full of brass horns and a clapping beat the song reminds us of the late Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’. This bright and jazzy song is exactly what the girls needed to show their individuality and the MV sure is memorable.


Taking on a pin up look the girls look fabulous from head to toe in this MV, ranging from Hounds tooth, bold prints and a modern take on Rosie-the-Riveter. The girls are seen parodying the sexy concept that so many girl groups are showing and they show of their personalities, humour and light hearted fun. Given that Lee Hyori had a lot of control in this comeback it seems fitting that the girls all look like mini-Hyori’s, poking fun at being sexy with their over the top expressions and actions.



The music industry is super competitive at these times and many groups fall under the radar from overused/stale concepts but this group really set themselves apart with this song and concept. It’s something fresh and new and hopefully gives these hardworking girlies a number one! (They really deserve it!)

What do you guys think? Did You Enjoy Their (Fake) Assets? Or Was It Too Much? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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