The B1A4 Boys Are Looking Awful ‘Lonely’ In MV!

B1A4 have been taking the k-pop world by storm with their recent comeback song ‘Lonely’. Winning countless music show awards these boys show that it’s not only the big companies that can dominate the charts. Written and composed by Jinyoung with some help from Baro and Perfume the song is a mid-tempo track that reminds us of the Usher songs we used to listen to back in the 90’s but with a modern twist. Full of La La’s and Eh’s the song is pleasing to the ear but the standout for me is Baro’s rapping it is the highlight of the track and his voice melds well with the track


The MV takes a cold winter approach, visuals of a floating girl, not wanting to let go and the boys looking super dapper in their black suits dancing gives a great interpretation of the songs lyrics and brings some dark humour in the MV with the sad song. All in all B1A4 shows that up and coming companies can also create magic when time and effort is put into an idol group and I predict that B1A4 will be here for years to come!

What Do You Guys Think? Feeling Lonely? Or Would You Rather B1A4 Leave You Alone? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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