K Fashion – Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Is Always Making A Statement!

By far my favourite member of Girls’ Generation is one Miss Kwon Yuri and this girl knows how to dress. Yuri’s personal style is great at showing off her fashion sense, boy does this girl know how to dress. She is always looking chic and making a statement.


Yuri’s knows how to dress her body and shows off her legs  in this shorts and shirt combo, the oversized Louis Vuitton bag is both practical and brings together the whole look as a casual outfit perfect for a summer day.


She also looks amazing in this leather jacket and sunglasses pulling off a tough edgy look and accessorizing with sunglasses.

6094-girlsgeneration-soshi-snsd-yuri-casual-fashion-casual-look-fashionable tumblr_mkp27tyBRS1qbalato1_1280 taoyuan-airport-6

Her personal style seems to take one statement piece and building the look around it, it’s never too much.

yuri-kbs-awards-1 tumblr_lvk9dfVGRq1r12i8n

As for the red carpet Yuri is always sleek and elegant which shows off her amazing figure.

What do you guys think? Is this chic? Or Shocking? Comment, Share and Subscribe!


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